Spain Golden Visa Program | A straight forward way to gain citizenship


In order to attract more funds in the real estate sector, Spain announced its Golden Visa program in 2013. This program offers an investor visa to non-EU citizens after a € 500,000 investment in real estate.

Candidates may choose to renew this visa, or they may also apply for permanent family residence and citizenship. Applicants seeking residence or citizenship must meet the residency requirements of five and ten years respectively.

There are no residency requirements for the residence permit. The good thing about the Golden Spain visa program is that investors do not need to live in Spain to recycle or renew their residence permits while they invest. In addition to this, a quick and easy process and reasonable government fees further simplified the renewal process.

The fundamental features that make the Golden Visa program unique:

1. Investment of 500,000 euros or more
2. Complete family situation
3. There are no residency requirements to maintain the visa
4. Permanent placement after completing the five-year residency period
5. Spanish citizenship at the end of the ten-year residency
6. Travel without a visa for the EU and Schengen.

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Spanish residence and citizen at your convenience:

If you continue to live in Spain for more than six months each year for a period of five years, you may be eligible to obtain permanent residence more easily. After ten years, you can also apply for citizenship and obtain a Spanish passport. Indicate that you lived here as a resident during this period.

Another key benefit of this program is that once you have received your permanent residence or citizenship, you will no longer be invited to make an investment since visa renewal is not necessary now.

Not only will you become a Spanish resident and then a citizen, but you will also enjoy the benefits of investing in properties located in a good location in Europe, with a bright and secure future.

Buy a property in Spain and get the residence: a situation of mutual benefit for all:

The global economic crisis that hit the world a few years ago has badly affected the real estate sector around the world. The decline in real estate prices after the crisis has created exceptional opportunities for buyers who wish to invest in the foreign property market.

In addition to buying assets at a reasonable cost and making a profit in the next few years, the possibility of obtaining permanent residence also attracts business owners and investors. In fact, it’s a win-win situation, because getting full foster care in Spain with the option of citizenship is an invaluable opportunity for many.

Flexible investment process:

There are no restrictions on the purchase of residential or commercial properties. Investors can purchase appropriate units to meet quantity requirements.

You can buy any amount of properties to complete the amount of 500 000 €. In addition, joint buyers can collectively invest in a property. Buyers can also get a mortgage for investments that exceed the minimum investment amount.

Fast processing of the application:

Although obtaining the Spanish passport through the Golden Visa program is a time-consuming process, the applicant must demonstrate their commitment to the investment by applying for a visa. They can apply to sign a sales contract.

Funds to buy properties must be deposited in an investor bank account in Spain. Once these conditions are met, the authorities will only take 10 to 15 days to process an application. Initially, a visa is issued for two years after which it can be renewed for five years for those who have maintained their investment

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