Three Tech Ideas for a Plain Sailing life in Dubai


UAE is a bustling place for people. The cities are buzzing with activities all year round and there is plenty at hand to do. But in such a busy state-of-affairs, the life here can take the energy out of you.

The good news is, like any other modern city in the world, UAE companies like Desert Safari Deals offers its citizens and expats some useful options to make life easier without taking a lot of time and energy out of your usual routine.

Here we are sharing three services for a plain sailing life in Dubai.

Smart Government apps

You would find a significant difference in your life if you avail the digital services in Dubai. The frontrunner is UAE government that offers almost all the basic and some advanced services with digital convenience.

Smart Government Dubai (SDG) program of UAE government has made the technology the linchpin of their development.

The smart government services include RTA for traffic services like selling your car in UAE or paying fines, Dubai Police app for reporting incidents and many more. These services will eliminate the need to stand in queues.

Go Digital

Like they say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, in Dubai, you would feel alienated if you are not going digital.

Most of the residents in Dubai use digital online services for convenience and saving their time in their hectic life. According to a report by Digital talks, the number of internet users in UAE alone is as high as 99% and about 62% of these people are online shoppers.

Not only consumer items are easy to shop online, you can even sell your car in UAE by using services like carbuyer.aeand you don’t even have to step out of your home for any of this.

Save Smart

Since you are in Dubai, it is never easy to live cheap. You have to pay for the services and the number of taxes like recently levied VAT makes it suffocating for many residents and especially expats to save money in a tax regime.

Yes, these services are there to make your life easy, but paying for them is the only downside for convenience. But there is a way to enjoy the life while saving money.

There are a few apps that offer eye-popping discounts like Groupon which can save you a lot of money on thousands of things.

Similarly, you can use the Nearby app to find the discounts offered by the places around you. Use these apps to live your best life in Dubai on a budget.

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